Civan Advanced Technologies

Company type: private
Location: Israel
Through a unique vertically integrated approach, Civan develops and delivers laser modules and state-of-the-art electro-optic systems. From in-house chip design and assembly, through fiberoptic handling and precision automated optic assembly, to fully integrated high power, high quality laser systems built on Civan’s core technologies and competencies. Civan is backed by top investors in Israel.


Hyperwise ventures Venture capital Investing in ground breaking technologies Early-stage investments in Startups with deep technology in Cyber or enterprise software


3rd Eye Systems

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Company type: private
Location: Israel
On-The-Move Analytics: Detecting threats from scanning or flying platforms

Iron Drone

Iron Drone’s patent-pending drone interception technology allows complete elimination of ANY drone threat. An interceptor drone flies towards the target and is capable of physically eliminating it by collision or other means. ​ Unlike radio-based solutions, our technology doesn’t rely on an the link between the hostile drone and its operator. Therefore, the Iron Drone interceptor can eliminate targets that are flying a pre-programmed mission or using secure radio links.



Location: Israel
Company type: private
NRGene, a leading genomic big data company, develops advanced computational tools and cutting- edge algorithmic models to facilitate optimal trait discovery for seed companies, animal breeders, and academia. The world’s top researchers have used NRGene’s technology for analysis of the most genetically complex and diverse species. NRGene mapped more than 120 genomes up to 2016, based only on Illumina short reads. The world’s first reference genome for bread and emmer wheat; several maize genomes; and genomes of soy, tomato and rainbow trout were among the milestones. With NRGene’s tech, a process that used to be notoriously expensive, laborious and time consuming has become turnkey, predictable, quick and affordable.


Gigawatt Global Wind

Location: Netherlands
Ilan – Founder of the company.




Location: USA
Company type: private
Orgenesis is a development stage company with a novel therapeutic approach in the treatment of diabetes by correcting malfunctioning organs with new functional tissues created from the patient’s own existing organs. Orgenesis employs a molecular and cellular approach directed at converting liver cells into functional insulin-producing cells as a treatment for diabetes. This new therapeutic approach is called Autologous Insulin Producing (AIP) cell transplantation.

Precise Bio

Company type: private
Location: USA
Precise Bio, a US based company, combines 2 paradigms: Regenerative Medicine and 3D Bio-Printing.
Its vision is: “Growing live & vital complicated organs for transplant, with 3D technology”. It’s disruptive technology and experienced team aims to achieve a world with no need for organ harvesting, endless waiting lists and immunosuppressive drugs for patients requiring organs to save their life. Precise-Bio, will be ready for ‘First in man’ testing within 36 months. In parallel, Precise Bio will mature the technology and reach manufacturing readiness in order to enable production of a verity of life saving organs.



Unisono develops revolutionary Artificial Intelligence engine for the IoT industry.


ZUtA Labs is considered one of Israel’s promising startups, and the leading Consumer Robotic company in Israel according to the Israeli Robotics Association.

ZUtA has created a small, cheap and super accurate robot, with which they’re building the Robotics Platform for the home.
The first product is the very cool, Robotic Printer.
The Robotic Printer has won many awards and has been recognized for its innovative solution all over the world.

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MiniRobotic printer


Location: Israel
Founded in 2010, Umoove is the first ever, pure software, face and eye tracking, for any mobile device. No extra hardware needed. A unique technology (20 filed patents so far), built from ground up, that has attracted the attention of many of the biggest companies in the world.